Duck Dynasty and A&E’s huge mistake

by plasley43

Bowing to the LGBT lobby and GLADD has finally bitten one of their beholden right where they sit. The angst against the A&E network for their firing of Phil on the hugely popular Duck Dynasty reality TV show is overwhelming.

Looking at the outrage by the American public to this stunt is very encouraging for a change. And why not? Most Americans are still decent people. Don’t 86% of all Americans claim to be Christians? While obviously no where near that proportion are actually PRACTICING Christians, they still have some or at least a few Christian values in their mores. 

I think people are sick and tired of the whining, cry baby antics of the left and their gay, lesbian, bi and transgender special interest group. And I think its time to stand up to the atheists that want to remove Christ from Christmas, too. (But thats another story for another day.)

I for one, will not watch A&E network again until Phil is restored. And any DD sponsors that cave to the sicko homosexual lobby can forget about ever getting another penny in profit from me and mine. Join with me , won’t you? Enough is enough!